Piranha Innovations is a drinks company based in Dublin. We concentrate on creating, developing, and marketing our own drinks brands.

We are a young, dynamic, and passionate team. Our primary focus is on our consumers, and what they are looking for in a brand. We try to keep our brands fresh and modern at all times. A brand is not simply a name, a logo, or a bit of advertising. It's an experience. At Piranha Innovations we want our consumers to enjoy the experience of our brands from start to finish.

We currently specialise within the schnapps sector of the drinks market, and the RTD sector of the drinks market. We have also recently acquired the agency in Ireland for a well-known Asian beer.

Our brands are Piranha Schnapps, Krauter-Meister Herbal Schnapps and Fat Frog.

Piranha Schnapps

Piranha Schnapps (15% abv) is a refreshing shot drink made from premium schnapps and juicy flavours. Piranha Schnapps comes in four distinctive flavours; Sour Apple, Kola, Sour Cherry and Peach.

Piranha is a varied beverage. It can be served straight, mixed on the rocks, or as part of a cocktail. Point of Sale is readily available. We regularly invest in our brand through promotional materials and promotional activities. We ensure original promotional concepts are tailored to suit a venue, giving consumers an unforgettable live brand experience.

Piranha Schnapps also has a strong online digital marketing presence via our Website, Facebook, and Twitter. Piranha Schnapps' target market is between the ages of 18-34 years of age. This group is socially orientated, outgoing, and always willing to try new things.

Case Sizes
50cl x 12
20cl x 24



"Prepare for the hunt as the wolf inside is unleashed with Krauter"

Krauter(22% abv) is an exciting new herbal liqeur made from a secret German recipe inspired by a unique blend of herbs and spices. Krauter is best served ice cold as a shot, or it can be served mixed over ice. Point of Sale is available for Krauter on request. As well as promotional material, we can also offer promotional nights tailored to suit a particular venue. Krauter is marketed digitally online both on Facebook and Twitter.

Case Sizes
6 x 700ml


Fat Frog

Original Fat Frog (4% abv) is a drinks phenomenon created and launched in Ireland in 2004

Fat Frog is a stand-alone RTD. It's the No.3 RTD in the Irish drinks market today. Fat Frog guarantees flavour and refreshment with its delicious citrus ingredients. It has memorable brand personality, is lively, fun, and quirky. Point of sale for Fat Frog is available on request. Fat Frog is best served cold. Fat Frog can be served in the bottle (275ml), in a glass over ice, or in a jug with ice (700ml).

The target market for Fat Frog is between the ages of 18-24 year olds. This group is socially orientated, willing to try new things, and likes to party. Fat Frog can be found on both Facebook and Twitter where various marketing activity and competitions are carried out.

Case Sizes
275ml x 24
700ml x 6



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